Submission guidelines

Please note: special formatting such as lists, numbering, hyphenations and other automated formatting created by word processing programs create unnecessary problems in the article’s graphic design. Therefore, please write the article in continuous text.

Length of Articles
The articles vary in their length depending on the topic and placement in the magazine. You will be informed of your specific maximum number of characters (including spaces). The article may have a maximum of three authors.

Notes: The article must always have a heading and a subheading. These are not included in the character count.

Abbreviations should only be used if they are internationally recognizable. Specialist abbreviations should be explained in brackets on their first mention. General abbreviations such as e.g., incl. should be written out in full.

Photos and images in digital submissions must have a resolution of 300 dpi and be saved in TIFF or JPEG format. Low-resolution images may not be expanded. Please note: Images embedded in Word documents and/or PowerPoint presentations cannot be used. A maximum of three pictures/photos/graphics can be used.

If persons are recognizable within images, it is up to the author to seek permission for publication. The editor must be informed if the image and personal rights have not been clarified. The author is responsible for all third-party claims against the violation of personal rights or copyright.

Author Information
The following information should be given about the author/s: First name and surname of the author with their title and note of their position within the company/organization. We also ask for an up-to-date portrait of the author.

Copyright should be noted when reproducing images from other publications. The author must have written permission to reproduce the image. The author is responsible for all cases where a third party claims for the violation of personal rights and/or copyright.

Approval and scope of the permission to publish
The approval gives the editor permission to publish. The editors reserve the right to amend controversial formulations and make crucial cuts regarding text wrapping and in formulating titles and headlines.

By accepting the article, the publisher (iSQI GmbH ) of SQ mag acquires the exclusive, time, space and content unlimited right to comprehensively utilize the copyright and related rights within the meaning of the Copyright Act. This concession includes the right of iSQI to use the rights at home and abroad in a physical and virtual format and to publicly reproduce the piece, particularly in print media, film, radio, Internet, databases, telecommunications and data networks, as well as on storage media (e.g. USB sticks or memory cards) and to make the piece available to the public for individual access (download), to reproduce it on screen (PC, PDA etc.), for users to print it off, as well as for the piece to be translated into all languages (such as in the English translation) and to use the translation in accordance with the granted rights of use. The rights also apply to use by third parties upon the transfer of appropriate usage rights at home and abroad.