At a time when the software development industry is evolving rapidly, and software is becoming increasingly complex, test automation is what companies need to ensure their continued growth and profitability. Any company considering digital transformation must first be clear about where test automation development is headed and which tools are best suited to ensure continued development and implementation success. The advantages of test automation for software testers far outweigh sitting in front of a computer carefully going through application screens manually. Firstly, automated testing allows a tester to playback pre-recorded actions, compare results, and report the success or failure of the test result findings most efficiently. This makes automated testing a crucial feature of development practices.

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  • Why Test Automation Matters: Advantages and Future Developments – Guest Author Chat GPT

Get a sneak peek into what technology thinks about test automation in this must-read article.

  • Beyond the buzzwords: Test Automation – Luis Francisco Contreras Gonz├ílez & Martin Contreras Romo

Discover how to choose the right tool and approach for your software development team in this valuable piece.

  • Rescuing Test Automation from Its downfall – Pieter Withaar

Learn about the insights we can gain from automated tests and how to avoid the pitfalls of test automation.

  • Test Automation, Japanese Software Market – Hiroshi Yokkaichi

Explore the challenges of implementing test automation in Japan and how to overcome them with the right strategy and tools.

  • Flaky tests: The silent killer of software quality – Rabeb Mnani

Understand the importance of addressing flaky tests in your software development process and how to do it effectively.

  • Usage-centric Testing: a shift-right approach to support E2E test automation – Bruno Legeard & Joan Racenet

Discover how to optimize your automated test suites and design better tests with a user-centric testing approach.


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